GPS Summer Learning

Griswold Public Schools offers a FREE summer enrichment program for students grades K-12 in two 2-week sessions. The 2022 sessions are:

  • June 20-30, 2022
  • July 11-21, 2022

Summer enrichment takes place Monday through Thursday from 8:00-11:00 a.m. Breakfast and lunch are provided, as well as bus transportation for most Griswold residents.

Students may enroll in a program for one or both sessions, though cannot take the same program twice. 

Learn more and register on the Summer Enrichment Google Site.

Summer Learning Website

Learn more about the program from Summer Learning Coordinators Patricia Feeney and Jessica Gillespie in the video below:


Griswold Public Schools Summer Assignments & Suggested Reading


Griswold High School

Capstone Community Service: All students

The Griswold High School Vision of the Graduate includes "Engaged Citizen." As part of graduation requirements, each students is required 10 hours of community service each year. Students can get a head start on their annual hours over the summer. Learn more about the Community Service Guidelines and get project ideas on the Capstone: Community Service webpage.

  • When you complete your hours, be sure to print out and complete an Hours Form. Don't forget to get your supervisor's signature!

  • Are you new to GHS or are you an incoming GHS 9th grader? Be sure to print out and complete the Community Service Acknowledgement Form and return it to school when you get back in the fall.

Rationale: Being an Engaged Citizen ties into the habit of mind of Learning Continuously. When you engage in community service, you demonstrate leadership skills, act empathically, and develop confidence in your abilities to try new things.


Course Prerequisites

Specific courses require assignments before returning to school in the fall. See below and contact your teacher if you have any questions.


Contact Mr. Cooke for AP Summer Work

Honors Chemistry - Mr. Gynther

AP Human Geography - Teacher - Ms. McNeil


All GHS summer assignments are also listed on the GHS Learning Commons Google Site.


Griswold Middle School

Visit the GMS Learning Commons Google Site for suggested summer reading and summer reading challenges.


Griswold Elementary School

Governor’s Reading Challenge 2022 – Read Beyond the Beaten Path!

GES Students entering PreK – Grade 4 next year are invited to participate in this program during the summer. Write down the title of any books you read on the Reading Journal*.  You do NOT have to fill all the lines. This is for fun. It doesn’t matter if you read 2 books or 32 books! The important thing is to fill out the information on the back of the journal with your first and last name and the name of your 2022-2023 (next year's) teacher.

*If you don’t have a printed journal, it is OK to use a sheet of paper as long as you include the information on the back. (Name, grade, teacher, etc)

Read whatever you enjoy! 


If you participate in any of the public library programs or someone reads a book to you, those count. So do audiobooks, magazine articles, and ebooks.

Return the journals during the first two weeks back to school in the fall of 2022. Participants will receive a certificate of participation and be entered into a drawing to win one of two Kindle Fire Tablets. HAVE FUN!

If you have any questions, please email Ms. Judy Beahan at, and visit us on Facebook.