Brand Standards

If you're looking for the Griswold Public Schools logo, color palette, typography (fonts), or any other element of our identity suite, you're in the right place. Please review our Board of Education-approved brand standards at the links below (updated 2/1/22).

These assets and guidelines are offered to Griswold Public Schools staff, students, parents, and community members to help you create materials that are consistent with our school district's brand.

GPS Brand Standards PDF Link - the guidelines and rules for GPS branding, including sub-branding for Griswold Elementary, Middle, Alternative, and High Schools, departments, and athletics. This file includes several examples of how to utilize the brand standards.

GPS Brand Elements Toolkit Google Drive - the enclosed logos, fonts and color palettes provided are the official, Board-approved elements. These are the only assets that should be used to represent Griswold Public Schools on print collateral and digital placements, as well as school merchandise, jerseys, and uniforms.

Offices and groups are asked not to create their own logos or visual identifiers, but to contact us if you have a graphic need not addressed.

Within each sub-folder you will find a transparent background .png file of each logo as well as a vector .eps. If using Adobe Illustrator, you can also download the full .ai file of all elements in the main GPS Branding folder. All fonts are outlined. 

Quick Notes:

  • Griswold colors are Green, Black and White. The Griswold Green is a deep, Kelly Green.
  • Griswold Public Schools has an academic seal logo, as well as athletic icons including the Wolverine Mascot, Griswold G, and a paw-print. 
  • Wolverines have five toes on their paws, not four.
  • The main GPS fonts come standard on most computers and word processors, however there may be inconsistencies in style on select online software (Google, Canva, etc.). Most of our accent fonts included in the Brand Standards are available from Adobe Fonts.