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Student Council Page: 2017 - 2018 School Year

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Congratulations: Mason Bartlett, Skylah Phanthorath, Lindsey Arnold, and Emily Kuzmenko for earning their officer positions for this upcoming school year!


President: Mason Bartlett

Treasurer: Lindsey Arnold

Secretary: Emily Kuzmenko

Publicity Manager: Lindsey Arnold

Meeting Dates

The GMS Student Council will be meeting after school form 2:30-3:30 on these dates:



Student Council Updates

The GMS Student Council has been very busy with a number of service projects to benefit our school community. We've been meeting every activity period and on Thursdays after school to plan and work on projects.


For Thanksgiving, the student council collected enough food to put together complete turkey dinners for 11 families in our Griswold community who wouldn't be able to celebrate the holiday otherwise. Students assembled all the fixings for a complete meal for each family. Turkeys were donated by our local Better Value store.

Thanks to every one who donated food. This is the first time the Student Council has held this type of fundraiser. Since it was so successful, we look forward to doing it again next year.

Winter Clothing Drive

We collected gently used coats and new hats, gloves, mittens, socks and scarves since after Thanksgiving break. Student Council members made a commercial that has been airing on our morning announcement reminding people to donate these items if they can. So far our school community has been very generous with donations. The gently used coats went to the Youth Center and the Madonna Center.

Candy Cane Sales

We sold candy canes to raise funds for our initiatives. This is an annual fundraiser at GMS and a time to put everyone in the holiday spirit! Students were able to purchase candy canes for friends to be delivered at the end of the week before vacation. This fundraiser required all student council members to sell, sort, pack up and deliver candy canes. To be sure every student got into the holiday spirit, the Student Council provided candy canes to all students! No one left school without a candy cane.