Griswold Middle School Exploratory classes help students investigate a variety of subjects to determine what interests them for future study. Exploratories are also important for development of healthy minds and bodies, as well as important skillsets. These courses can spark passions, lifelong hobbies, and incorporate unforgettable projects throughout a student's time in Middle School. 

GMS's Exploratory courses include:

  • Music (grades 5 and 6) - students also have the option to participate in Band, String Orchestra, and Chorus Grades 5-8
  • Physical Education (Gym)
  • Health Education
  • Technology Education
  • Art
  • World Language: Spanish


GMS students receive General Music classes in grades 5-6 where students explore Elements of Music, American Popular Music, Rhythm Band Instruments, Chimes, Beginner Guitar (grade 6), and much more. This exploratory class is taught by Mrs. Bocciarelli, who has spent her whole career here in Griswold and continues to be very proud of the music program and all of GMS!

In addition to General Music, students can choose from elective offerings of Band, String Orchestra, or Chorus (BOC classes) in grades 5-8.

Watch the 2021 7th and 8th grade winner concert on YouTube here.

Physical Education

Physical Education at GMS encourages all students in grades 5-8 to lead an active, healthy lifestyle and promotes life-long fitness. Our curriculum includes sports, games, and activities that enhance skills such as sportsmanship, teamwork, and cooperation. Skills that are taught are sequential and age appropriate to ensure student success.

As a Griswold High School alumni, Mrs. Valentine is proud to be “Wolverine Strong!” In the 2021-22 school year, Mr. Efthimiou is in his ninth year at Griswold Public Schools (second year at GMS) and is proud to call Griswold Public Schools home.

Health Education

Health Education at GMS promotes students' knowledge about making healthy decisions, working towards lifelong wellness, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle by doing what is right for their body. All Griswold Middle School students will take Health Education in grades 5-8. Mrs. Butremovic has been a Health Education teacher at GMS since 1998, and enjoys nothing more than watching her students grow into healthy and happy middle school students during the four years spent in room 2140.

Technology Education

In Technology Education, students explore the four systems of Technology: Communication, Construction, Manufacturing and Transportation.  Students use tools and machines for various activities and hands-on projects like laminating, bridge building, manufacturing, and woodworking designs.  Students will reinforce their word processing and graphic communication skills using Google software.  Students are reminded that Technology is so much more than just computers and cell phones!  Every student grades 5-8 participates in Tech-Ed class on a rotating schedule throughout the year.  Mr. Butremovic has been at GMS for 20-plus years.  He coordinates school activities with fellow Exploratory teachers.  He has been involved in the GPS Athletic department, from coaching to announcing at a variety of athletic events.  Mr. Butro will always be Griswold Proud and Wolverine Strong!


The GMS Art Studio practices choice-based learning based on the Teaching for Artistic Behavior (TAB) philosophy. We believe: The child is the artist. The classroom is the studio. The overarching goal is for students to work and behave like artists. We are constantly asking “What do artists do?” and we consciously practice the habits of artists as we work in the GMS Studio.  These habits teach skills that carry over from the studio into all other subjects, sports, and hobbies.  Students will have new learning experiences with a variety of two- and three-dimensional materials and techniques through required “skill builders.”  The remaining studio time will be utilized by students creating work that is meaningful to them, using materials of their choice.  All students in grades 5-8 will have a hands-on visual Art class every other day, for one semester.  Ms. Wraichette has been teaching Art at Griswold Middle School since 2002. While she dabbles in many techniques, her favorite medium has remained the same since high school: clay.

World Language: Spanish

Students in grades 5-8 have Spanish every other day for one semester. We are a Proficiency-based program that focuses on what a learner CAN DO with the language. When acquiring another language, first we learn to listen, then we learn to read what we heard, then we learn to write what we’ve read and heard. Finally, we speak because we’ve heard, read, and written it. Our focus is on communicating in a way that is comprehended by all students so they feel confident and their listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills are honed in an anxiety-free environment.  Señora Smith has over 30 years of experience working with and for children in a variety of educational settings, the past seven of which have been teaching Spanish at GMS. Before joining GMS, she developed and managed community-based programs and projects across public, private and non-profit sectors worldwide, including Colombia, Mexico, Italy, the UK, China, Japan, and Russia. A linguist at heart, she can get herself into trouble in five languages (English, Spanish, French, German, and Russian). She lives in Griswold and is the proud mom of two GPS Wolverines.