Student Working Papers

Who needs working papers?

Any student ages 14 years to 17 years old who has been hired by an employer.  

Are there specific jobs allowed depending on student's age?

Yes, for a detailed list of acceptable jobs at specific ages feel free to look at the Entire CT Working Paper Manual.

Can you issue working papers for an employer out of state?

No, we can only issue working papers for places of employment in Connecticut.  Otherwise, the out-of-state employer is responsible for finding out their state's policy and procedures.

Who do I contact for working papers?

They can be obtained through the Griswold High School main office.

Please contact Ms. Blondet @ 860-376-7643 or email

What do I need to get working papers processed?

The following two pieces of documentation are required in order to process this form:

  1. A birth certificate, passport, driver's license or driver's permit
  2. Promise of Employment letter from the place that has hired you

What needs to be on the Promise to Employ letter?

The promise to employment letter must have the following (preferably on business letterhead):

  1. Name and address of business - if the business has multiple locations, the one you will be physically working at needs to be on it
  2. Detailed list of tasks, no vague terms such as "cleaning"
  3. Manager name and signature
  4. Correct hourly wage (as of August 1st, 2021 $13.00 is minimum wage)
  5. Maximum number of hours student will be working

Please contact Ms. Blondet with questions.