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Student Handbook 2019/20

Form To Sign For Handbook

Senior Early Dismissal/Late Arrival Permission Form

Each student is given an agenda at the beginning every school year.
The agenda is the property of Griswold Public Schools.
There will be a $5.00 replacement fee for all students who lose or destroy their agenda.
Why Do We Issue Each Student a School Agenda?
  • This School Agenda has been designed to help students manage their time and plan their day, so they can take an active part in controlling academic achievement.
  • All students attending Griswold High School are required to maintain and carry an agenda at all times.
  • Students who do not possess an agenda will not be allowed out of class.
  • Students without an agenda may ask to borrow a faculty agenda at the teacher’s discretion.
  • Teachers will expect students to record homework assignments in their agendas, and they may ask students to show them that this has been done.
  • All students will be aware of exactly what each teacher expects and when it is due.
  • In addition, students will be expected to keep a record of their achievements, test scores, and grades for assignments, presentations or projects in the “Record of Achievement” section in the booklet. Students should be aware of exactly what each teacher expects and when assignments are due.
  • Students should also be aware of their standing in each course at anytime during the year.


                  Student Parking Information

Students will be required to completing this Parking Application Form if they wish to drive and park on school property instead of taking the bus.

This registration is required so that the school knows who is parked on the property in case of an emergency administration can contact the owner of the vehicle.

Students are responsible for their parking permits. All lost or stolen permits must be replaced at the students’ expense. A fee of five dollars will be charged.

  1. Permits are not transferable without administrative approval. Students that give their permits to other students will lose their driving/parking privileges.
  2. Any changes in vehicle or license number must be reported to the main office immediately.
  3. Temporary parking permits may be issued to students with 24-hour advance notice and administrative approval.
  4. All parking permits are the property of Griswold Public Schools.
  5. No person other than the registered driver who has submitted the proper paperwork and has an approved parking permit may operate a vehicle on school grounds.
  6. The permit must be displayed properly (attached to the rear-view mirror with the front of the tag showing through the windshield) at all times on school grounds.

Print and complete this form then return it to the high school main office:

Student Parking Registration Form