PSAT/SAT Information

PSATs (practice SATs) will be administered during a school day in October to all Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors (grades 9-11). The cost of the practice standardized test is covered by the school district. There are no make-ups for this test.

The PSAT in October is the last practice test before the spring SAT Exam that all juniors are required to take per CT State Law, and the qualifying exam for the National Merit Scholarship Competition for Juniors.

All Juniors (grade 11) will take the SAT in March at no charge. Additional tests or re-takes may be taken on other dates for $55 (qualifying low-income students cane take the test again for free; see your counselor if this does not appear when you log into your College Board account).

Test date options can be found by registering on either the College Board or ACT Website. Find more information on the GHS School Counselors Google Site.


Official SAT Practice from the College Board and Khan Academy