Post High School Planning

Griswold High School is committed to helping students become compassionate, confident, creative and resourceful members of society during their time at GHS and post-graduation. The GHS Counseling team is imperative to guiding students to reach their highest potential.

School Counseling services at Griswold High School include, but are not limited to, guidance through college and other post-secondary planning. Post-Secondary Resources are included on the GHS School Counselors Google Site.

School Counselors will help with college applications and essays review, letters of recommendation, and providing students and parents with Financial Aid information. They also provide career information to help select a pathway of study during high school or college major, as well as trade school, workforce, or military opportunities.

Students should start building a relationship with their school counselors as early as Freshman year, so by Junior and Senior year they are well on track to meeting GHS graduation requirements and having a smooth college application process.



All students in Grades 9 - 12 have a Naviance account. Students are expected to use this resource throughout the school year, including for their Student Success Plans during Advisory periods, and during lessons conducted by the School Counseling Office.



Learn more about the standardized test requirements here.