Graduation Requirements

Graduation requirements for Griswold High School students include credits in core academics (English, Math, Science, Social Studies), World Language, Physical Education and Health, Art, Technology, Personal Finance, and other electives.

To align with our innovative curriculum and the addition of a community service program, requirements have been adjusted accordingly for the class of 2023 and beyond.

Minimum requirements include 4 credits of English (1 credit = 1 full year course), 3 credits of Mathematics (4 recommended), 3 credits of Science (4 recommended for STEM majors), 3 credits of Social Studies (including Civics, a state requirement), 1 year of World Language, 1 credit of Physical Education and Wellness, 1 credit of Health and Safety, 2 credits of vocational education or fine art, as well as 1 credit for Personal Finance and Career Prep via the Financial & Professional Management course and a Job Shadow, or the new Capstone. Students graduating in or after 2023 are also required to participate in 10 hours of community service each year for a total of 1 credit. There is a vast array of technology courses and electives to fill out the final 5 credits required to graduate. Students will be able to opt for a study hall period during their schedule, if they choose and meet the graduation requirements.

Students can choose to take additional core courses and electives and should align their course plan with the requirements of their selected post-secondary institution. Most colleges require 2 years of a world language, and other prerequisites for specific programs.

Each year, students should review their progress towards graduation requirements with their school counselor, and make adjustments as needed based on post-secondary goals.