Graduation Requirements

Graduation requirements for Griswold High School students include credits in Humanities (English, Social Studies, World Language, and Art/Music/Electives) and STEM (Mathematics, Science, Technology & Electives), as well as Physical Education & Wellness, Healthy & Safety, Capstone Courses, Community Service hours, and two additional electives.

Minimum requirements include:

  • 4 English credits
  • 3 Social Studies credits (including Civics, a state requirement)
  • 1 World Language credit
  • 2 Art/Music/Humanities Electives credits
  • 3 Mathematics credits (4 recommended)
  • 3 Science credits (4 recommended for STEM majors)
  • 3 Technology & Electives credits
  • 1 Physical Education and Wellness credit
  • 1 Health and Safety education credit
  • 2 Elective credits
  • 1 Capstone credit (two courses)
  • 1 Community Service credit (10 hours of community service each year for a total of 40 hours before graduation)

(1 credit = 1 full year course or 2 half-year courses)

Students can choose to take additional core courses and electives and should align their course plan with the requirements of their selected post-secondary institution and intended program of study. Most colleges require 2+ years of a world language, and other prerequisites for specific programs. If students are on track for graduation, they are able to opt for a study hall period.

Each year, students should review their progress towards graduation requirements with their school counselor, and make adjustments as needed based on post-secondary goals.

More information on Graduation Requirements is available on the GHS School Counselors Google Site.