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Program of Studies 2020-2021

School Counseling services are available to each student at GHS. These services include assistance with course/program selection, interpretation of test scores, college and other post-secondary planning, career information, and any topic the student fells he/she would like to discuss with a counselor. These services are provided through assembly & classroom presentation as well as individual student meetings. Students requesting to visit their school counselor should:

1. Obtain an appointment card from the school counseling office before school, during lunch or after school.

2. Make an appointment during an assigned study hall or class; a teacher may call the office to check on counselor availability to meet with a student. Students should be advised that going to see their school counselor between classes is not allowed due to time constraints.



To Request a Transcript

Please contact Darlene Melgey, School Counseling Secretary in order to request a transcript. Please include the following:

1. Name (maiden name if applicable),

2. Date of birth,

3. Date of graduation,

4. Full address where you would like the transcript to be sent.

Please note that post-secondary institutions need to have an official transcript sent directly to the school from Griswold High School.

Click here to email: Darlene Melgey - School Counseling Secretary

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