Student Services

At Griswold High School, you're more than a number and more than an anonymous student in the crowd. With just over 500 students in grades nine through twelve, you're part of a close-knit community!

All GHS students have access to guidance counselors, academic support, and more. Faculty, Staff, Peers and Parents come together to serve the Griswold High School student body.

Student Services Staff


School Administrators

Erin Palonen

Art Howe
Associate Principal


School Counselors
Office 376-7680

John Cormier
School Psychologist


Stefanie Burelle
School Social Worker

Sheila DePonte
Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) Interventionalist / Student Supervisor


James Collins
School Resource/Security Officer


GHS School Nurse
Stephanie Bibeau RN
Health Aide Pam Getter



Chris Champlin
Special Education Director



Meg Czmyr
Vocational Coordinator




Titles that may sound new to you:


The School Security Officer’s role includes but is not limited to the following three functions: They first are keepers of the peace, as one would expect of law enforcement officers. They also serve to ensure a safe learning environment for the students, teachers, and administration. Second, they are counselors who provide guidance to students and act as links to support services inside and outside the school setting. Third, SRO's are teachers who provide schools with an additional resource in and outside the classroom, such as peer mediation and conflict resolution.


The Student Supervisor is a member of our support staff and disciplinary/behavior intervention team who assists the administration in enforcing school rules; addressing disciplinary matters with students, teachers, and parents; as well as student supervision and safety. 


Advisory Program

The Griswold High School Advisory Program supports the social, emotional, and academic development of each GHS student by providing on-going interaction with faculty members through discussion and planned activities in the classroom setting.  Advisory sessions occur at designated times throughout the school year.


Academic Academy

The Griswold High School Academic Academy is integral in supporting students in various capacities.  The main function of the Academic Academy is to provide tier 2 and 3 interventions to regular education students who are struggling in their quest for academic success.  This includes but is not limited to individualized tutoring, progress monitoring, goal setting, communication between teachers, school counselors, students and parents, planning and organizational coaching.  This program begins as intensive and gradually releases students by encouraging independence and responsibility.

The Academic Academy also:

  • oversees PLATO credit recovery, PLATO course level assessments, and PLATO elective options.  PLATO is an online learning program aligning with CT Common Core as well as the national standards.  Academy staff provides personal support, additional tutoring, and grading of all off-line assignments for the program.
  • is the intervention center of the high school for academic, executive functioning, and organizational needs.  While classroom teachers provide individual interventions, the Academy teacher is a member of the Student Success Team (SST) and serves as the liaison between the SST process and the ongoing interventions in the Academy.
  • supports new students who transfer to GHS during the school year.  The Academy staff conducts intake interviews and diagnostic and screening assessments to assist school counselors in placement of students into appropriate courses.  Additional supports may include information about athletics and/or other school activities, counseling, and academic needs.

The Academic Academy continues to provide the flexibility, knowledge, and experience to evolve with the changing needs of the student body and the district.