GHS Mission and Vision

Griswold High School

Goals 2018-2019

Mission of Griswold High School:

The faculty and staff of Griswold High School provide a safe and accepting atmosphere in which all individuals learn, broaden their horizons, and achieve their full potential. Through the high expectations of a diverse and challenging curriculum, students acquire the knowledge and skills essential to become responsible citizens and productive members of society. In alliance with the community, parents, students and faculty share responsibility for the success of the mission.

“Vision of the Griswold Graduate”

The Griswold High School graduate:

  1. Will communicate and receive information utilizing, reading, writing, speaking, and/or artistic/creative expression;
  2. Will engage in critical thinking and effective problem solving;
  3. Will use real-world digital and other research tools to access, evaluate and effectively apply information appropriate for authentic tasks;
  4. Will take responsibility in both independent and cooperative learning environments to achieve goals.

Civic and Social Expectations for Student Learning

The Griswold High School graduate:

  1. Demonstrates respect for all members of the school community;
  2. Manages time to meet the demands of academic responsibilities along with social and extracurricular activities;
  3. Accepts responsibility for his or her own actions and behavior;
  4. Recognizes the importance of social and civic responsibilities to a community;
  5. Exhibits an understanding of diverse perspectives and cultures;
  6. Understands the importance of physical fitness and healthy lifestyle choices.

Theory of Action at Griswold High School:

  • During the 2018-2019 school year, Griswold High School will continue the process of revising curricula and assessments which align to the rigor and Standards of the Connecticut Common Core in order to yield and analyze assessment data that measures student readiness for college and career.
  • During the 2018-2019 school year, Griswold High School will continue to focus on best instructional practices and strategies to meet the needs of all students, and improve student outcomes. Griswold High School will focus on instructional District goals: Learning Targets and Checking for Understanding.
  • During the 2018-2019 school year, Griswold High School will utilize student performance data (PSAT, SAT, AP, CFAs, MAP) for discussion in PLCs (Professional Learning Communities) to target student growth and improvement.
  • During the 2018-2019 school year, Griswold High School will cultivate a culture in which all stakeholders feel an integral part of the school community. The focus is on community building among students and faculty and promoting a positive and compassionate peer culture.