Vision of the Graduate Gallery

The Vision of the Graduate (VoG) is a set of 57 specific skills or indicators identified by faculty and staff as those skills deemed essential for success after high school.

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Effective Communicator

The Griswold graduate demonstrates an ability to communicate effectively and confidently through writing, speaking, listening, presenting, collaborating and other forms of creative expression.

Resilient Problem Solver

The Griswold graduate demonstrates an ability to achieve goals by taking risks, and solving problems with flexibility, strategic planning, attention to detail, and perseverance.

Critical Thinker

The Griswold graduate demonstrates an ability to gather and evaluate information, analyze objectively, form a judgment, develop a hypothesis, and initiate inquiry through the mastery of multiple literacies.

Engaged Citizen

The Griswold graduate demonstrates an ability to engage in service-oriented and civic-minded activities and to utilize cultural literacy and integrity to make responsible and culturally sensitive decisions. 


During their years at Griswold High School students are given myriad opportunities to practice and demonstrate proficiency in these skills through course work and assessments, activities and athletics, and community service projects and participation.  

Evidence of their growth in and mastery of these skill areas will be illustrated through artifacts: evidence in the forms of projects, products, and reflection saved in an archive.  Teachers and staff will guide students through the process of identifying skills, reflecting on their accomplishments, and saving these artifacts.

In their senior year, students will Showcase their readiness to graduate by presenting a gallery created by selecting evidence from their archive of stored artifacts.

What constitutes an Artifact?

An artifact provides evidence of one or more VoG indicators. 

Artifacts can come from:

  • Classroom assignments (projects, assessments, performance etc.) 
  • Community Service 
  • School-related Extracurricular Activities
  • School-related Athletics

Artifacts can be material that is saved electronically or in physical form.  Students are encouraged to include photographs, videos, recordings, and physical objects as well as written work.

Menu of Artifact Ideas


What is an Archive?

An Archive is a system of filing and saving student work that may serve as evidence of attainment of any of the various indicators of the Vision of the Graduate. Upon entering Griswold High School, each student will be assigned a Capstone classroom.  Under the guidance of their teachers, students will be shown how to identify the skills of the Vision of the Graduate embedded in various assignments, activities, and community service.  Students will be taught how to complete a Reflection form and save (archive) their work as an artifact in the Capstone classroom. Preview or make a copy of the GHS Artifacts Archives spreadsheet here (must have GPS Google account to view).

How do I save an Artifact?

On a regular basis students will be given time to review potential artifacts, prepare Reflection Forms, and store evidence to their archive.  Capstone Connections meets every Wednesday, as well. However, students are encouraged to take ownership of this process and grow their archive independently.  Students are expected to save at least four Artifacts each year.

What is a Reflection Form?

The Reflection Form allows the student to record the specific indicators present in any given artifact.  Students are encouraged to check off as many indicators as they think apply to that particular artifact.  Completing a Reflection Form will help a student remember which skills in the VoG a particular artifact can illustrate, which, in turn will greatly aid the student as they prepare their gallery.

How is the Gallery created?

The Gallery is a curated collection of artifacts that can demonstrate that a student possesses each skill as described by the indicators of the VoG. One artifact may illustrate many indicators.  As preparation for their Griswold Graduate Showcase Presentation, students will select from their archive the best evidence to prove their ability to use these skills as they embark upon life after high school.