Griswold Graduate Showcase Presentation

Griswold High School’s Capstone Experience is a student-driven learning opportunity developed to showcase our students’ college and career readiness upon graduation. This personalized senior year project will empower students to succeed in their transition from our GHS school community into achieving their post-secondary goals.

What is a Showcase? 

The Showcase is an opportunity for a student to present the artifacts that they chose to put in their Vision of the Graduate Gallery over the course of their time at Griswold High School. This Showcase is meant to display proof of growth, incorporating the Vision of the Graduate indicators (Effective Communicator, Resilient Problem Solver, Critical Thinker, and Engaged Citizen). Students are expected to present their gallery to a panel, utilizing effective communication skills.


Who is the Panel? 

The panel may be made up of Griswold Public Schools teachers, administrators, faculty, and staff. This includes nurses, social workers, school psychologists, counselors, and other stakeholders. The panel will determine if they have completed their requirements to graduate.

Capstone Completion or Resubmission 

After students have completed their Capstone Gallery and delivered their Showcase, it will be reviewed by the panel and given a grade of “Complete” or given the option to resubmit. If students are asked to resubmit, they must take into consideration the feedback from the panel and prepare for resubmission.