Community Service Resources


Click on each green link for a PDF version of the document.

Hours Log Form (Google Doc)

Use this form to submit your hours for approval. Use one form per volunteer supervisor/location. All forms are due within one month of your volunteer event date on this form. All completed forms can be submitted to the Main Office.

Community Service Guidelines (Google Doc)

A summary of the Community Service Guidelines and what constitutes acceptable Community Service hours.



LIST OF Contacts (Google Sheet)

A list of over 150 local, regional, and national non-profit organizations that students may wish to be involved with. Please note, your student does not have to pick from this list; they can volunteer anywhere they want as long as it is for a non-profit. This list is a helpful document that already lists phone numbers, emails and webpages for these organizations. 


Ideas List (Google Doc)

A list of ideas to help students brainstorm what sort of causes, skills and volunteer opportunities they may be interested in. Again, they are welcome to develop their own initiatives too, but this list may jump start some creativity and engagement.