Capstone Courses

There are two half-credit courses that will be required through the GHS Business Department:

Capstone I: Personal Finance

  • This course provides the informational and decision-making tools necessary for planning and implementing a successful personal financial plan for varied life situations. Students will participate in a mock interview which is an authentic simulation of how to apply and prepare for a job interview.  The mock interview must be completed to earn class credit and graduation credit.

Capstone II: Capstone Experience

  • This course is preparation for your Griswold Graduate Showcase Presentation.  Students will review and refine their gallery of artifacts and experiences from their years at GHS to present to a panel of district faculty to determine that the student meets the district's Vision of the Graduate. While students are creating their self-assessment gallery, they are given an opportunity to explore careers and create a plan for life after graduation. Students will have the opportunity to job shadow and interview professionals within their intended career paths as they begin to contemplate and assess various careers.