GHS Capstone Experience

Griswold High School Capstone Experience Outline

Copyright 2022: Griswold High School. The GHS Capstone Experience was created and implemented by the Griswold High School Vision of the Graduate and Capstone Committees.

Overview of Capstone Experience

Griswold High School’s Capstone Experience is a student-driven learning opportunity developed to showcase our students’ college and career readiness upon graduation.  

As a result of Griswold Public School's Vision of the Graduate and in keeping with current Connecticut state mandates, each GHS student has to successfully meet several requirements to graduate. It encompasses four parts starting in students' freshman year, with the majority in their senior year: perform forty hours of community service, enroll into two capstone courses, as well as curate and present an academic portfolio of work during their senior year. These requirements have been collectively accepted as Griswold High School’s “Capstone Experience.”

This personalized project will empower students to succeed in their transition from our GHS school community into achieving their post-secondary goals. Students will be guided by their own unique interests and careful selection of learning artifacts in order to defend their proficiency for the Vision of the Graduate skills.

Capstone Courses

All Griswold High School students will take two Capstone Courses that count as one credit required for education.

  • Personal Finance - Juniors
  • Capstone Experience - Seniors

Vision of the Graduate Gallery

Students collect digital "Artifacts" to compile a gallery that will be presented at their Griswold Graduate Showcase Presentation. These artifacts are examples of academic and extracurricular work that exemplify the four elements of the "Vision of the Graduate."

Community Service

To meet the "Engaged Citizen" portion of the Vision of the Graduate, students are required to complete a minimum of 40 hours of community service by April 1st of their graduating year (10 hours per year). In certain cases where students enroll in GHS late, their hours will be prorated. 

Completion of 40 hours of Community Service earns students one credit that is required by the Board of Education for graduation. Community service forms and resources can be found here.

Griswold Graduate Showcase Presentation

At the end of their senior year, students will present their gallery in front of a panel of teachers, administrators, community members, and members of the Board of Education, that will determine if they have completed their requirements to graduate.