NCAA Eligibility


Review the below information on how your Griswold High School course performance and SAT/ACT test scores impact your chances of becoming an NCAA college athlete. Contact the school counseling office or the athletic director for further information regarding NCAA eligibility. 

NCAA Clearinghouse applications are completed online at

Core Courses

NCAA Division I requires 16 core courses in four years and a minimum of a 2.3 GPS in these courses. Division I also requires 10 core courses to be completed prior to the seventh semester (seven of the 10 must be a combination of English, Math, and natural or physical Science). These 10 courses become "locked in" at the seventh semester (fall of senior year) and cannot be retaken for grade improvement.

NCAA Division II requires 16 core courses and a 2.2 GPA.

Test Scores

Division I & Division II previously used a sliding scale to match test scores and core grade-point averages (GPA). For the 2021-22 school year, students received an automatic waiver and test scores were not required. Future use of test scores will be up for discussion in the next year.

Student athletes who register for the SAT or ACT use the NCAA Eligibility Center code 9999 to ensure all SAT and ACT scores are reported directly to the NCAA Eligibility Center from the testing agency. Test scores that appear on a GHS transcript will not be accepted.