Griswold High School Esports Logo of Wolverine in hooded sweatshirt with headset

Griswold High School's Esports team was created in 2021 to compete against high schools across the country via the High School Esports League (HSEL), and hopefully make the HSEL tournaments. 

The Griswold team started with competitive games of Rocket League, and has since offered Valorant and Minecraft. Other games may be offered as interest and league offerings allow.  

The Esports team utilizes GHS's state-of-the-art advanced technology Nexus Lab to practice and compete on professional-level gaming computers.

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What is Esports?

Esports is a worldwide phenomenon and a billion-dollar industry; it takes video gaming to another level, with organized competitive play between teams, while following strict rules and guidelines. 

In addition to gaming, students participating will need to learn IT skills to keep the network running, along with business components, broadcasting, and streaming to Twitch. Streaming includes pulling the gaming screens, face cams, and commentary all together across the network. Students also set up a Discord server to be able to communicate with each other during play.

Esports help students cultivate teamwork and soft skills, such as self-confidence, critical and strategic problem-solving, communication, collaboration, sportsmanship, creativity, and leadership. Fostering these skills can help students in future academic endeavors, careers, and leadership roles.

Students at other schools are being recruited by colleges and receiving scholarships for esports (more than 200 colleges and universities currently offer esports).

Read more about GHS's Esports team in a 2021 CT Examiner article.


Who can join?

The Griswold High School esports team is currently limited to 20 students. Just as any other team on campus, esports is open to students in all grades (9-12), and students must be passing all classes and maintain a 2.5 out of 4.0 GPA (80/100) with a solid attendance and behavior record. Since all gaming takes place online, travel is not required. The team meets after school Monday through Thursday for practices and competitions during HSEL's fall and spring seasons. 

Just as with other GHS athletics, students can register for esports through FamilyID.

Griswold High School Esports coaches: Jim Rand and Kyle Gunderman


Griswold Esports Recognition

Read more about GHS's Esports team in a 2021 CT Examiner article.

Griswold High School's Nexus Lab was recognized as one of the Top 10 Esports and Gaming Labs in the Country by Generation Esports and the High School Esports League in April 2022. Watch the video on YouTube here.

Griswold High School Esports' Valorant Green Team ranked 7th in the HSEL East (eastern US) and 1st in the State of Connecticut during the 2022 Fall Major. Congratulations to the team for their hard work!