Core Subjects

Social Studies

Each student at Griswold High School is required to take three social studies (SS) courses to meet the minimum graduation requirements of 3 SS credits. These courses include World History, Modern World & American Government or AP Human Geography, and United States History. The State of Connecticut requires one credit in Civics, accomplished via the Modern World & American Government course.

There are also 8 highly desirable SS elective courses, including four Advanced Placement (AP) courses that could earn students college credit. Griswold High School is well above-average in AP scores and pass rates compared to global and statewide averages. 

The GHS Social Studies team includes: Mr. Craig Demars, Mr. Cole Bocciarelli, Mr. Doug Craig, Mr. Connor McManus, Ms. Logan Tonucci, and Mr. Spiro Mandes.

If you have questions about the GHS SS program, contact your school counselor or SS team leader Mr. Doug Craig.


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Advanced Placement Courses

Advanced courses are designed to provide the most rigorous coursework available at the high school. Some of these courses are dual-enrollment courses and earn the advanced level designation with the approval of The College Board Advanced Placement Program (AP), UCONN’s Early College Experience Program (ECE), Southern CT State University's Early College (EC), or CT State Community College's College Prep courses (CP). Griswold High School currently offers 24 dual-enrollment courses (AP, ECE, EC, or CP with community colleges) and an abundance of additional online AP offerings. 

See the list of dual enrollment courses here.

Advanced Placement (AP) classes give students the opportunity to earn college credit by preparing them for their AP exam from the College Board taken in early May. AP tests are graded on a 1-5 scale. Different colleges have different standards regarding what scores they’ll accept. Even if a student doesn’t get the score they need for college credit, taking challenging AP classes looks good on transcripts and helps prepare students for the rigor of college. GHS has several AP offerings in Social Studies, Mathematics, and English. We are incredibly proud of how well our students do on the College Board Tests.

GHS also offers Early College Experience (ECE) via UCONN, and Early College (EC) via Southern CT State University. Earn college credits by registering through the University and successful completion of each course. Students are required to cover the cost of ECE/EC courses.

Additionally, students that are proficient in Spanish can take an AAPPL test in the spring of their junior or senior year to earn a Connecticut Seal of Biliteracy. By passing the test, this prestigious seal will adorn your diploma and will also be recorded on your transcript. It looks great for college and employment.

There are also Advanced Elective courses, including two career-training programs: Advanced Manufacturing (part of the Youth Manufacturing Pipeline Initiative), and Advanced Certified Nursing Assistant training.