About Griswold High School



267 Slater Avenue
Griswold, CT 06351

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2021-22 School Profile


Griswold High School (GHS) is a state-of-the-art facility that enrolls approximately 550 students from Griswold, plus the neighboring towns of Canterbury, Franklin, Lisbon, Norwich, Preston, Sprague, and Voluntown.

The High School offers a four-year comprehensive curriculum that includes instruction in language arts, math, science, social studies, world languages, the arts, technology, business, family and consumer sciences, health and physical education. Academic offerings are structured around six career pathways that afford students the opportunity to add depth and breadth to their learning experience. In addition to core programs, the High School offers a variety of options for students to earn specialized certificates and college credit through collaborative efforts with the University of Connecticut and local community colleges.

Integral to the supportive culture and climate of Griswold High School are a wide range of student services. These include a school counseling department, student support services, career center, and academic academy.

Griswold boasts a highly accomplished arts program that includes nationally recognized music ensembles, award-winning theater productions, and a dynamic visual arts department. In addition, more than a third of our students successfully compete in interscholastic athletics each season.

The faculty is committed to continuous improvement. As a professional learning community (PLC) our staff is hard at work preparing to meet the educational challenges that lie ahead. These challenges involve implementing Connecticut's Plan for Secondary High School Reform. Key elements of the plan require focus on student engagement, 21st century skills and rigorous course content.

High school is an amazing opportunity and crucial time for students to prepare for the future. Griswold High School will continue its long-standing commitment to help students feel confident in their abilities as they become lifelong learners and take their places as responsible citizens and productive members of society.