Student Life

Griswold Elementary Schools has close to 700 students grades preK-4, and is the launching point of Griswold Public Schools' comprehensive educational program. For our students, this program includes core academics and age-appropriate exploratory classes that include the arts, health, fitness, and technology.

Griswold Public Schools' single campus community allows collaboration with Griswold Middle and High Schools; older students often visit GES to mentor our youngest students. One of our favorite district-wide traditions is welcoming graduating seniors each spring to walk through the halls of GES in their graduation caps and gowns, and inspire the younger generation to work hard and be an active member of the Griswold community. 

GES operates on a 6-Day Rotation Schedule where students rotate daily through each exploratory class. We also integrate a "WIN" Block (What I Need) to ensure all students' individual needs are met and their interests are supported. This aligns with our district-wide blended learning goals.

Griswold Elementary School has a consistent school-wide approach to student recognition and Social Emotional Learning. All of us learn best when our environment feels safe, we feel valued, and our mental and emotional needs are being met. We recognize this as "Bucket Filling;" personal and classroom buckets overflow as we put Care, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility on full display and consistently communicate the importance of being kind to one another. We will soon be expanding our school climate policy webpage.

Griswold Elementary School also offers special education and remedial support.



Griswold Elementary School does not only educate students in classrooms. We provide a variety of experiences and supports to help students explore, develop, and share their passions. Together with our community partners, we are dedicated to supporting our students and their families.

ATHLETICS: Griswold schools partner with Griswold Youth & Family Services and the Park & Recreation Department to offer recreation athletics to children ages 5-13. Youth sports are a great place to try a new sport, develop teamwork and sportsmanship skills, make friends, and get physical activity.

LIBRARY: Slater Library in Jewett City has a wonderful children's department. Once students are enrolled at GES, all families have access to our online directory, Destiny Discover. Learn more about the GES Library Media Center here.

CHILD CARE: Griswold's new Wolverines Forward Before and After School Program provides affordable childcare, homework help, and enrichment to students in grades PreK-8.


Get Involved

We are fortunate to have families that support students and teachers with their time and generous donations, to make impactful contributes and memorable events that bring the entire GES community together. Learn how you can get involved with our Parent Teacher Organization here.