Grade One

First Grade Skills

Students learn computer basics such as how to power their own computers on and how to login to the computer. They learn to shut down the computer with their mouse. Mouse control is practiced in first grade.

Students learn the basics of keyboarding. Our focus as first graders is using two hands with open fingers. Thumbs rest on the space bar. A keyboard like the one below will come home for practicing.

Students use the websites ABCya! Challenge, ABCya! Keyboarding and ABCya! Rocket 1 to practice locating letters throughout the year.

Students learn how to make upper case letters using the shift keys. They learn the importance of having passwords just right when logging into the computer or websites. They explore the Paint program and its toolbar features. Students are introduced to WordPad and learn that there are common toolbar features.

Basic computer coding skills is introduced to first graders with the use of Peer collaboration, problem solving and persevering are key features in this unit.

Websites that practice reading and math skills will be used as part of class.

Students cover age appropriate Internet Safety skills.