Technology Grades K-4

Technology and computer literacy classes for students in Kindergarten through grade four are taught by Mrs. Sanborn. Review the skills taught to each grade below.

Technology is more than just computers! Technology allows us to communicate information, thoughts and ideas. We use it to build structures on site. It makes manufacturing new products possible. We use it to transport people, materials and products. 


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Technology Class Focus By Grade


The Kindergarten technology class focuses on mouse skills at the computer. They play games to locate letters and numbers on the keyboard. Students learn age-appropriate Internet Safety skills and use the following thinking process:

  • Ask- define the problem
  • Imagine- brainstorm solutions
  • Plan- make a plan
  • Create - test it out
  • Improve- make it better


First Grade

Students learn computer basics such as how to power their own computers on and how to login to the computer. Mouse control is practiced, and they will learn how to navigate to shut down the computer.

Students learn the basics of keyboarding. Our focus as first graders is using two hands with open fingers. Thumbs rest on the space bar. A keyboard like the one below will come home for practicing.

Students use the websites ABCya! Challenge, ABCya! Keyboarding, and ABCya! Rocket 1 to practice locating letters throughout the year.

Students learn how to make upper case letters using the shift keys. They learn the importance of having passwords just right when logging into the computer or websites. They explore the Paint program and its toolbar features. Students are introduced to WordPad and learn that there are common toolbar features.

Basic computer coding skills is introduced to first graders with the use of Peer collaboration, problem solving and persevering are key features in this unit.

Websites that practice reading and math skills will be used as part of class.

Students cover age-appropriate Internet Safety skills.


Second Grade

Students review programs such as Paint.

Students learn the location of homerow keys as they continue working on keyboarding skills. DanceMat and Typing Club websites are used to practice this new skill, focusing on accuracy and building speed. Students will apply keyboarding throughout the year as they type at the computer.

Second graders continue to learn age-appropriate Internet Safety Skills such as asking permission to use the internet, never talking to people they don't know, and sticking to sites that are appropriate for them. They will become aware of how to tell if a site is appropriate for them. Students also learn to give credit when using online creative work.

Computer coding skills are continued in second grade using the website Students begin a new course. This unit will emphasize peer collaboration to solve problems. Perseverance will be key as they work through their lessons.


Third Grade

Students review keyboarding with Typing Club, DanceMat and WordPad throughout the year. The focus will be accuracy using homerow and beginning reach keys and building speed.

Students learn about Internet safety. Grade 3 focus is; understanding some sites advertise products and try to get you to buy their things, being responsible and caring online, understanding a safe digital footprint, and giving credit for intellectual and creative property.

Students continue this year to work on coding skills with They pick up where they left off last year. Perseverance, collaboration, reading and math skills will be key in solving problems.

Students become familiar with the tools used in the SBAC test.


Fourth Grade

Students review keyboarding with Typing Club, DanceMat and WordPad throughout the year. The focus will be accuracy using homerow keys while reaching for keys and speed.

Students cover Internet Safety and how to navigate the Web as we complete a project. They learn the difference between web browsers and search engines. Students evaluate search results to find reliable sources. They will give credit when using information from websites.

Students use PowerPoint and Paint to create slides for famous quotes. They learn various features in PowerPoint such as animation and recording their own voices as they read their quotes. Some quotes will be showcased on our morning announcements.

Students review the tools used in the SBAC test.

Students continue again this year to work on coding skills with They pick up where they left off in third grade. Perseverance, collaboration, reading and math skills are key in solving problems.