Exploratories K-4

Griswold Elementary School Exploratory classes allow students to explore a variety of subjects and introduce students to the arts, their health, and technology. Exploratories are an important part of the development of healthy minds and bodies. These courses can spark passions, lifelong hobbies, and incorporate unforgettable projects throughout a student's time at GES. 

GES's Exploratory courses include:

  • Art
  • Technology Education
  • Music
  • Physical Education (Gym)
  • Health Education
  • Library


The GES art room focuses on the elements and principles of Art.  Students work in a variety of artistic mediums (drawing, paint, clay/model magic, collage, paper mache, textile, etc.) to experiment and build background knowledge with these concepts. All lessons are aligned to the National Arts Standards and incorporate past and present artists to expose our students to different styles and inspire them to create.

Mrs. Appleton has been teaching Art at Griswold Elementary School since 2019.  Although she has a love for anything art-related, her concentration is in painting and drawing.



In GES technology education, students cover the use and care of equipment the grade level is using.  Students progress with keyboarding skills from basic letter/number locations to correct finger placement through the use of a variety of websites (Keyboard Zoo, Keyboard ChallengeDancemat & Typing Club). They explore Google (Classroom, Docs, Slides, and Sheets) and Microsoft (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) programs which allow them to communicate with others. Students also cover age-appropriate Internet Safety topics. A major component in the elementary technology curriculum is coding, in which they apply problem solving and persevering skills.

Mrs. Sanborn began at Griswold Elementary School in 1988 teaching a writing program. She then taught first grade for one year, followed by many years in second grade. She transitioned to the technology position in 2013 where she has enjoyed sharing her passion for technology.


Health Education

Health Education at GES promotes students' self-awareness; establishing the ability to focus on yourself and how your actions, thoughts or emotions contribute to mental health and wellness. Students strive to improve healthy outcomes by learning the necessary knowledge and skills for life-long healthy choices. Emphasis is also placed upon the importance of general health, preventive measures, safety, nutrition, and decision-making skills.  All Griswold Elementary School students will take Health Education in grades K-4. Mrs. Otten-Paggioli ("Mrs. O-P") has been teaching in the Griswold Schools for 29 years. GMS Physical Education for 10 years, GHS Health Education for two years, and GES Health / PE for 17 years. Mrs. O-P continues to enjoy working with her students and watching them grow throughout their elementary years.