Griswold Forward: Mission, Vision & Goals

Griswold Public Schools has a vision, a mission, and goals that guide our work with our students in Griswold Elementary, Middle, and High schools. (updated September 2021)

To learn more about our advancement plan, visit the Griswold Forward Google Site.


Griswold Public Schools educates for excellence by ensuring our students are connected, by nurturing individual student talents, and by fostering a future-focused mindset.


Graduates of Griswold Public Schools journey into the future as engaged citizens, effective communicators, critical thinkers, and resilient problem solvers.

District Goals

District Goal #1: Social and Emotional Learning

Griswold Public Schools commits to the advancement of social and emotional competencies in inclusive and equitable learning environments so that all of our students can grow and thrive.

District Goal #2: Blended and Personalized Learning

Griswold Public Schools will focus on promoting the implementation and expansion of Blended and Personalized Learning in all PreK -12 learning environments.

District Goal #3: Research-Based Instruction

Griswold Public Schools will explore and implement research-based instruction to improve outcomes for all Griswold students.