Resources and Tutorials for Teachers and Parents

Important information during  Covid -19 At Home Learning. 

Dear Families,

As we move forward with At Home Learning, we are providing our students with the means to complete their at home learning assignments if they have no technology at home.  We understand that many homes do not have devices available for students to work on. We are happy to distributing Chromebooks or Tablets to those in need. If you have enough devices in your home for your students to use, you do not need to pick up a Chromebook or Tablet.

All devices have been individually sanitized. The technicians who will be distributing the devices will be wearing gloves and masks to maintain the device's sanitized state and provide a safe interaction with you. 

Note that these devices will be collected at the end of the school year or when we return, whichever is first. As a reminder these are school issued devices and only to be used for completing school assignments and communications. All Chromebooks use GoGuardian software to monitor and filter the students' activity on the device. Our goal is to provide a safe and user friendly experience. 

Free WIFI is available from Atlantic BroadBand

Free WIFI is available from Charter

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