School Safety

Dedicated to the security and safety of the all staff, students and visitors

on the Griswold School Campus since 1988.

S/O James Collins

School Safety Officer

(860) 319-4017

S/O David J Crandall

School Safety Officer

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

(860) 334-9459

Faculty and Staff Fingerprinting

Fingerprint appointments are between the hours of

S/O Collins 9:00 AM until 12:00 PM

S/O Crandall 4:00 PM until 5:00 PM

Monday thru Friday in the High School Main Office

  1. Print and complete the Fingerprinting Information Sheet using the instruction provided. Return at least 1 day before your appointment to the High School Main Office.
  2. Appointment can be made at the Central Office for employees and at the Elementary school for volunteers.
  3. For employees, please bring a CERTIFIED BANK CHECK or MONEY ORDER made out to "Treasurer, State of Connecticut" for $12.00 with you during your appointment. (PERSONAL CHECKS ARE NOT ACCEPTED)


Student Parking Application



  1. Students will be required to completing this Parking Application Form if they wish to drive to school instead of taking the bus.
  2. This registration is required so that the school knows who is parked on their property in case of an emergency the administration can contact the owner of the vehicle.
  3. Students are responsible for their parking permits. All lost or stolen permits must be replaced at the students’ expense. A fee of five dollars will be charged.
  4. Permits are not transferable without administrative approval. Students that give their permits to other students will lose their driving/parking privileges.
  5. Any changes in vehicle or license number must be reported to the main office immediately.
  6. Temporary parking permits may be issued to students with 24-hour advance notice and administrative approval.
  7. All parking permits are the property of Griswold Public Schools.
  8. No person other than the registered driver who has submitted the proper paperwork and has an approved parking permit may operate a vehicle on school grounds.
  9. The permit must be displayed properly (attached to the rear-view mirror with the front of the tag showing through the windshield) at all times on school grounds.
  10. Students are required to drive safely and to follow all posted traffic signs and traffic rules while driving on this campus to avoid accidents, injuries and costly repair expenses.
  11. The campus patrol officer is responsible to both monitor and direct the traffic on this campus. Failure to obey or cooperate with the campus office will result in disciplinary actions.
  12. Permits are only valid for one school year and must be renewed at the start of the next school year.



Students should print and complete the Parking Application form and return it to the high school main office


Faculty and Staff Parking

All faculty and staff of Griswold Public Schools will need to register any vehicle that they will be parking on school grounds. This registration will be used to identify the owner of the vehicle in the case of an emergency. A parking permit will make it easier to distinguish faculty/staff vehicles from students who may be illegally parked in faculty parking lots. Please register all the vehicles that you might park on this campus. Once a permit is issued it can be used for any of the vehicles that you listed above.

A faculty parking list will be updated and sent to each of the schools secretary so that they can reach you if needed.


Motor Vehicle Accident

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident on school grounds, you must call the high school office.

The campus patrol officer will make out a accident report form which a copy will be given to each vehicle owner involved in the accident.

The state police will NOT do accident reports on private property unless it results in serious injuries.

Vehicle Assistance

You can contact any of the schools main office or the campus patrol cell phone if:

you should lock your keys in your vehicle.

you find that you have a flat tire

you left your lights on and now you have a dead battery

you find the that your door lock is frozen after a freezing rain.


While visiting our campus please assure the safety of our students, staff and visitors by parking in the parking lots provided on this campus.

Please do not park in:

Fire Lanes

In front of Fire Hydrants

On sidewalk and patio areas

In the crosswalk area

Violators will receive a written warning which will be kept on file in case legal action need to be taken.

Emergency Transportation

In the event a student misses the bus home due to some type of emergency

and the parents have no way to pick up the student.

The school administrators can authorize an emergency transport.

The school campus patrol officer will transport the student to their home.

A parent MUST be at home to sign for the student.

The school secretary will fill out the Emergency Transport form and have it signed by the school administrator.

Click Here For Transport Form