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These trails were made to preserve the wood and wetlands that surround our campus.


The River Trail 1.3 miles

This trail starts in the parking lot near the varsity softball field and joins up with Blue the White and Orange Trails.

The trail follows the Quinebaug River to the 395 underpass. Then turns up hill to Williams Drive.

Return back to the parking lot for a total of 2.6 miles.

The Blue Trail 2.5 miles

This trail starts in the parking lot near the varsity softball field and leads to the power lines and joins with the River Trail the White and the Orange trails along the river and up and down some steep hillsides. The trail is meant to be a good work out through the woods around the campus.

The White Trail 1.4 miles

This trail starts in the parking lot near the football/track field and joins with the Orange Trail /Blue Trail.

The trail branches off of the Blue Trail alongside the Quinebaug River where it returns to the parking lot.

The Orange Trail 1.2 miles (NATURE TRAIL)

Parking for the trail is located in the Elementary School parking lot off of the Campus Road near Route 164. The trail starts across the street at the information booth.

A trail booklet is provided to help guide you on the trail. The nature trail was created in 1985 with the efforts of students from the Griswold science class and Griswold and other surrounding school woodshop classes,

The 1.2 mile nature trail is meant to be an education for children and adults to rediscover nature with a guide book and sign post along the trail to help you identify the many plants and wildlife that are students have researched.

The Nature Trail is marked with orange blazes with a cross over trail marked in blue blaze with a white center to shorten the walk if you do not feel like walking the entire trail. The trail has some difficult climbs but has been maintained to allow easy passage

The river trail has some excellent views of the Quinebaug River.


Use your GPS to find the hidden treasure.

If you wish you can exchange a cache with one that you find in the treasure box.


Go to to find more information on GEOCACHING and more locations.

GPS Coordinate: N 041, 35, 535 W 071, 58, 896

Go to and download software to transfer the coordinates to your GPS.

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