GHS Mission and Vision

Griswold High School Mission Statement

The faculty and staff of Griswold High School provide a safe and accepting atmosphere in which

all individuals learn, broaden their horizons, and achieve their full potential. Through the high

expectations of a diverse and challenging curriculum, students acquire the knowledge and skills

essential to take their places as responsible citizens and productive members of society. In alliance

with the community, parents, students and faculty share responsibility for the success of the mission.

21st Century Learning Expectations

1. Students will communicate and receive information utilizing, reading, writing, speaking, and/or artistic/

creative expression.

2. Students will engage in critical thinking and effective problem solving.

3. Students will use real-world digital and other research tools to access, evaluate and effectively apply information

appropriate for authentic tasks.

4. Students will take responsibility in both independent and cooperative learning environments to achieve


Civic and Social Expectations for Student Learning

The Griswold High School graduate:

1. Demonstrates respect for all members of the school community

2. Manages time to meet the demands of academic responsibilities along with social and extra-curricular


3. Accepts responsibility for his or her own actions and behavior

4. Recognizes the importance of social and civic responsibilities to a community

5. Exhibits an understanding of diverse perspectives and cultures

6. Understands the importance of physical fitness and healthy lifestyle choices

Faculty approval 5/3/05 Board of Education approval 5/9/05 Revised Fall 2010

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