2017-2018 Budget Information

The Griswold Public Schools 2017-2018 Budget Development, Process & Timeline

Dear Members of the Griswold Community:

Griswold Public Schools are driven by a mission grounded in educational excellence. Our district vision emphasizes that all students will graduate college and/or career ready for their future.

Developing an education budget at this point and time is more than just a challenge; it’s a perplexing balancing act. On the one hand, the Board of Education and I are obligated by law to create a budget that meets the needs of our children. On the other hand, as faithful stewards of the taxpayers we are keenly aware that the economy and the state budget crisis present unprecedented challenges and uncertainties. It goes without saying that operational costs such as fuel and health insurance constitute additional challenges that overshadow attempts to achieve cost efficiencies.

Our primary focus is student achievement. We must offer our students and their families a competitive academic program at all levels while also addressing extracurricular interests and social and emotional needs. To that end, our school district needs to be competitive in the region as school choice forces us to up our game. We know that our students have options, and in many cases we are bound to pay tuition to out-of-district schools. We also know that our high school is a tuition magnet, drawing students from Lisbon, Voluntown, Sprague, and Canterbury. As Griswold High School prepares for its NEASC reaccreditation in 2020, we must design budgets that sustain program strengths and expand opportunities for students and families.

It is important to note that unlike other school districts, Griswold’s educational campus also functions as a community center. We are proud that our facilities and grounds are used year round by various residents and community organizations, and we are honored to employ approximately 140 Griswold taxpayers.

The Board of Education and I maintain a deep awareness of and gratitude for the community support of Griswold Public Schools. The Board of Education and I are sincerely committed to maximizing and safeguarding resources to provide an excellent education, ensuring that the community investments pave a bright future for all of our children.

Sincerely yours,

Sean P. McKenna



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